Biography of Renowned Real Estate Owner and Serial Entrepreneur


Being a serial entrepreneur, he is a very interesting man to be with. He is always full of innovative thoughts. With the kind of creativity that Peter possesses, one can never doubt his success. His ability to envision for a long-term, has made him less susceptible to adversities of the economy, consumer problems, etc .Peter has a degree in Finance from the Miami University, even during his college years he was exceptionally good at his craft.

Peter Vekselman is a multi-talented person. He is a successful entrepreneur as well as a prominent real estate investor. One could profoundly call him a serial entrepreneur. He has kick-started many companies all by himself; some of them namely VEX snacks, MH dealership, credit card processing business, etc. He owns a credit card processing organisation in Atlanta, which has 11 offices throughout the USA and has got more than 100 employees.

Peter’s venture as a real estate investor started in 1996. Peter always wanted to have a luxurious life, and he rightly knew that real estate business is the shortest way to success. Peter started off with this business and found profits initially. One may call it sheer luck, but slowly Peter did learn the various strategies, and tactics necessary to get profits out of it. He believes that real-estate business is all about knowing how and when to invest. For a beginner in real estate business, it’s always necessary to find a mentor, as luck may not always work for him, says Peter.

Peter Vekselman’s Vision

According to Peter, one must have a lot of social contacts and a long-term vision to ensure a profitable real estate trade. Through his experience, he very well knows that real estate investment can be very lucrative, but can also be devastating if done wrongly. He now also runs a training centre for future real estate investors and beginners in the field. He, with his powerful experience wants to enlighten many people.

As of now, Peter is more involved in reaps estate business. He works as a real estate trader, contractor and lease man. For the past few years, his strategy has been to buy land, then construct buildings and then sell it. Peter Vekselman makes profits by controlled usage of his raw materials and directly putting his men to work. He also takes on projects as a contractor to build projects within deadlines. He has completed over 100 projects and is running high. He has even managed project portfolios with more than 5 million USD.