How to prevent from HGH face Blot and distended stomach?


HGH bloat in the body is only one of the side effects associated with use of human growth hormone by bodybuilders and patients alike. Another of the most noticeable is called HGH face. Due to HGH water retention, there can be bloating in the face and body when taking this drug. This is one of the most common side effects associated with synthetic human growth hormone. Dosage recommendations for HGH are often based on weight as well as the condition being treated. Variation of dosage may not suit you and you may observe alterations in the shape of your face i.e. the face blot.

Organ growth is not a side effect associated with anabolic steroids from the years of research reviewed by the AMA. Anabolism in contractile muscle tissue has been well documented in clinical trials with various anabolic steroids however no study including those examining super physiological levels of steroid administration have ever documented organ growth as a side effect. There may be alterations in the shape of your face as well; therefore special care must be taken while you are thinking to go with HGH.

There is no medical link between HGH use and intestinal growth; in fact “HGH gut” does not exist in medical literate. HGH can worsen pre-existing acromegaly via IGF-1 stimulation. Acromegaly is a result of a genetic defect which causes the body not to form the proper defence mechanisms to IGF-1. Individuals with acromegaly commonly suffer from enlarged organs however normal people cannot get acromegaly from HGH. Acromegaly is a disease not a side effect.

There are a few possible theories that explain what causes it:

  • Visceral fat deposits around organs from high dose exogenous insulin use.
  • Intestinal growth as a compensatory response to the caloric/food intake bodybuilders commonly eat.
  • Undigested meat which builds up in the intestines causing a bloated or distended look.
  • High development of abdominal muscles, today’s pros are heavier than ever. It is claimed by exercise physiologists that it is physically impossible to have another 40-60 pounds of LBM on the average pro without an increase in waist circumference.

HGH injections can also contribute to:

  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain (stiffness, reduced range of motion, achiness)
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Gynecomastia
  • Stomach pain
  • Distended stomach

Every person will react to HGH differently, so even taking the above steps may not always prove effective. If you start to develop HGH face bloat, try decreasing salt intake and increasing water/fluid intake to see if that helps. HGH water retention is most often first noted in the hands, feet, jaw, and face, otherwise known as HGH face. HGH bloat is not the only side effect a person may experience with use. Because it’s a hormone, HGH can negatively impact numerous hormones in the body such as insulin. HGH bloat is a risk that anyone taking the growth hormone may experience. Taking steps to avoid it may help reduce potential of body bloating, with varying degrees of success.