Professionals extend their help to Needy Patients with care


MDPT partners are a group formed to benefit both physicians and physical therapists while helping the patients with proper care. This group provides the legal opportunity for the physicians to work with established physical therapists, especially when the physician facilities do not have the resources to provide their patients with the much required rehabilitation therapy.

For the PTs

The MDPT Partners were formed so that the PTs can work with additional patients, thus increasing their patient base, without having to add to the management and operations overhead. The partners provide help to the PTs by overtaking some of the following tasks, so that the therapists can concentrate on working with the patients, on their rehabilitation, without having to invest a lot of time and money worrying about the management of the whole process.

  • The group helps the physical therapy partner with various physicians, thus helping in increasing the patient base for the therapists. For each patient from whom the physician collects, the therapist gets a fixed percent share. This helps in increasing the revenue volume of the therapist.
  • The whole partners group is legal, thus protecting the practitioners’ rights while ensuring proper care to their patients. This partnership helps the therapists to establish better work relationships and monitors the progress.
  • Not just the legal assistance, the partnership also provides the management and operations assistance to the therapists. This ensures that the increased patient volume doesn’t overburden the therapists, and they can continue to concentrate on optimizing their rehabilitation centers.
  • Not just that, if any help with billing, collection, filing, insurance management, payrolls or tax computations & filing is required; the MDPT Partners are there to help the therapists. These services are not mandatory, but can generously offer, if the need arises.

Since it is a legitimate partnership, hence the aim is to benefit both the parties. Many physicians feel that their patients will be highly benefited if they can get better physical therapy and rehabilitation help; but their own facilities are not properly equipped and sourced to provide such care. This not only limits the progress of their patients, but might also limit the revenue growth they might have if they are able to provide the proper physical therapy. To help in such situations, the physicians can register with the MD/PT partners, which give the physicians access to some of the best physical therapists along with their fully equipped facilities.

The physicians get the opportunity to work with a network of capable therapists, thus increasing the scope of their care and volume of their revenue. Thus creating a profitable for both the parties involved without compromising on the quality of care provided.