Special T-Shirts for Churches


Active churches do more than teaching Sunday School and delivering a Sunday sermon. Many churches host summer retreats and have special camping programs for the youth of the church. This type of active church has a need for special shirts for church events especially for the younger participants who wear T-shirts on a daily basis.

T-Shirt advertising has become a popular venue for churches as well as businesses to get their names out in the community. A church or a business that is not growing will eventually fail. Growth is an absolute necessity for both. In many ways, the advertising T-shirt is like the sandwich board of years ago. While the sandwich board is blatant advertising, the special shirts for church events simply identify the wearer as a member of a particular church, much in the same way that a high school or college sweatshirt identifies the wearer as a student at that particular school.

The graphic content on T-shirts for church services has a large number of symbols and iconography to choose from as well as the name and address of the church they are attending. For a special summer program, the name and dates and a telephone number at the church would be effective advertising. For the church itself, the address, faith, and depending on the wishes of the staff, a telephone number could be printed on the T-shirt. The colors of the T-shirts should be a pure white color with crisp blue or black lettering that will stand out on the front or back of the shirts. Sometimes less is more, and a simple cross over the heart with details of the program or the church printed on the backside of this special shirt will suffice

Some churches do more good than saving souls. These advocacy churches use funds to help the needy individuals in their area. Sometimes, churches have a program with a sister city in a third world country and give that region special help and services every year. If one of this type of church engages in a program with the help of a local business, the benefits of having combined advertising on these special T-shirts creates good will for the business and for the church.

Churches located in the United States of America should be joining local businesses and organization to create joint efforts to help those in need in the community. The sense of sharing and giving is a Christian concept that never has enough adherents.