The ultimate Bowflex home gym guide


Wouldn’t it be just awesome if there was a product where it could not only allow you to do cardio exercises but strength training as well? The market currently has the Bowflex home gym which thankfully, allows you to do just that and allow you to ultimately gain your dream bod for this coming summer. Here’s all you need to know about the Bowflex home gym,

  • Over 60 variations of exercises

The body consists of multiple groups of muscles that all act as one to move our bodies and with the Bowflex home gym there exists at least 60 different exercises that will allow you to train any particular group of muscles as you please. Of course this isn’t all that the Bowflex home gym can do but focusing on this for a minute, the amount of exercises you can do on it is huge even for a home gym system.

The best way to utilize this wide variety of exercises to your advantage is to plan your routine ahead of time and then decide on which muscle groups you want to build. Typically for general fat loss you should not think about ‘fat spotting’ as it is a complete myth.


  • Made to be durable and long lasting

The Bowflex home gym is designed to be extremely durable and is meant to last for a very long time which means you are free to work out on it as hard or as often as you’d like without fear of it breaking. Made out of high quality steel, the Bowflex home gym is meant to be a part of your home for a very long time to come and the more you work out on it, the more it will help you build your body up for summer.

Of course, if you place too much emphasis on doing cardio exercises or strength training, it won’t do your body much good because you will need a combination of both exercises in order to see the proper results. That is why you must first determine if the reason you bought the Bowflex home gym is to build up your muscles or to burn the excess layers of fat so that you have a clear vision of what exercises you should do at all times.

It is true that with the Bowflex home gym you will no longer need a gym membership as everything you will be available right from the comfort of your own home! So what are oyu waiting for, go out and get your own today!