Winstrol : 10 mg Tablet


Winstrol is a popular anabolic steroid pill. It has been known to be used by people for clinical purposes and also for aesthetic use by bodybuilders and people who are into physical fitness and training. Most of the people consume Winstrol in the form of oral drugs. These drugs are available in 10mg, 20 mg and 40 mg. The Winstrol 10 mg is sold with the brand name as Stanozolol Genesis. Most people who want to increase their physical immunity and improve their natural body process, consume this pill. It contains anabolic properties which directly improves a person’s immunity and endurance levels. The best way to use the 10mg tablets is by splitting the doses in the form of 2 mg or 5 mg pills.

Manufacturers of Winstrol:

Although, there are number of steroids available in the market, consumption of Winstrol is more in comparison with other steroids. Since, the Winstrol consumptions has been made by people in sports arena for the longest amount of time and many people still suggest its usage. It is known to improve the natural body process by acting as a booster and not replacing it.  Over the years, the composition of Winstrol has been changed and is taken over by many pharmaceutical companies such as Strombafort, Alpha Pharma, Titan Healthcare and Top Pharma. The synthetic compound has been known to have existed in the market for over more than 60 years. Initially, it was started in the laboratories of United Kingdom as Stanozolol and was made use for medical reasons. However, in last two decades, it grabbed the spotlight for developing muscles and strength in physical fitness trainers.

The best way to use 10 mg tablets is by splitting the doses in the form of 2 mg or 5 mg pills. Taking the 10 mg pill can affect your body with many side-effects. Hence, one must be cautious about its usage. A direct pill of 10 mg when consumed over a longer span of time can cause sever damages to liver or cause an increase in level of cholesterol in blood. When blood cholesterol increases, it directly affects the heart and veins. Due to the increase of anabolic steroid in blood, the liver may experience harshness and it might lead to increase in toxins. Considering the injections, instead of oral pills is not a solution for reduction of toxicity of Winstrol.

Forms of Winstrol:

Thus, consuming Winstrol in the form of 2mg, 2.5 mg or 5 mg pills is the best way to use the 10mg tablets. The 2 mg pills are manufactured by Ovation pharmacies. They are often sold in pink coloured, round pills. The manufacturers are located in parts of Europe – Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Asia – India, China and Pakistan. The price varies based on the region. Typically for a sachet of 20 pills, it may cost around 19 euros. The Winstrol 2.5 mg is hard to find. However, these are sold in very few countries such as Mexico and Brazil. The 5mg Winstrol pill is manufactured in China and is sold by LA Pharma. They sell it as Stanozolol 5mg pill. There are other forms of this drug such as Winstrol 20 mg and Winstrol 50 mg. However, it is highly advisable to not use these pills in high quantity at once.